Principal owner and President, Dave Tolliver, founded The Tolliver Group, Inc (TTGI) in Orlando, 2005.  From its inception, his and the company’s core mission has been providing staff augmentation for government entities, primarily in the realm of Systems, Engineering, & Technical Assistance (SETA) service support.  From its initial beginnings with two employees, as a subcontractor to the SETA contract prime at PEO STRI, the company has based its success in meeting its support requirements by focusing its leadership on taking care of employees, treating each as a valued member of the company and striving to put the “personal in personnel.”

Our approach to caring for our people has led to steady and sustainable growth.  From our humble beginnings with two employees, we have secured additional contracts enabling us to expand our business base from coast-to-coast, from Florida through Virginia to Michigan and on from Alabama through Missouri and Texas.

Throughout this period of growth, we have worked tirelessly to maintain a lean front office.  As a result, we have a “flat” management structure wherein no employee is more than two levels removed from direct contact with the company president.  Whenever feasible, we have avoided long term commitments to “brick and mortar” facilities, preferring instead to minimize them and their associated costs, operating as “virtually” as possible. We have taken a similar approach to other needed functions to support the company, contracting for niche expertise on an “as needed” basis, thus keeping our prices competitive and enabling us to maintain the flexibility to address the needs of our employees as a priority. As an endorsement of this philosophy, we have continued to be extremely successful, respected by our customers, our collaborative partners and our employees.

As a reflection of our growing success, TTGI has sustained a presence in the Orlando community and made major small business expansions into markets in Huntsville, AL; Detroit, MI; and Washington, D.C. Concurrent with our growth, we have attained designation as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

TTGI continues to grow in both its internal and external expertise.  Notably, given the expanse of our service support, we have acquired the agility to navigate the applicable labor and tax laws of the numerous states in which we have employees.  We have done so while sustaining our commitment to provide the best feasible quality of life and benefits to our employees, wherever they might be located.

TTGI has been, is and will always be a strong proponent of the DoD and it’s supporting organizations, notably NDIA, AUSA, AAAA and the Central Florida Marine Corps Foundation.


“People First – Customer Always”