TTGI is Synergizing Business Processes…

TTGI is a full-service management and services company providing a range of engineering, acquisition and technical support services to DOD Weapon System and Logistics Managers. A popular adage states that “nothing succeeds like success.” We have provided unparalleled support to DOD clients. Our core competencies and dedication to customer service are the quintessential constants that have given us a competitive edge over the years.

Core Competencies

  • Logistics Management and Functional Systems Expertise
  • Petroleum and Water Systems Training Expertise
  • Program Management
  • Training Development – ISD/SAT process
  • Training products to support unique Reserve Component TASS schools
  • Functional and Technical expertise to support training initiatives from analysis to implementation IAW DoD standards
  • Automated Systems Approach to Training (ASAT) management
  • Effective traditional training products
  • Dynamic Multimedia Training Products; Video Tele-training (VTT), Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)
  • Compact Development documentation (JSIDS)
  • Field Manual and Technical Manual development
  • Integrated Logistics Support